Gibson SG Special Electric Guitar,Worn Cherry Satin

by Guitar Reviewer

  • 50s Rounded Neck Profile
  • 490R and 498T Pickups
  • Solid Mahogany Body
  • 22-Fret Rosewood Fingerboards
  • Acrylic dot inlays

Product Description
Hands down, the SG Special Faded Worn Cherry is the best combination of features and value in Gibson’s iconic SG line-up. You still get the dynamic, slim mahogany body and hair-trigger quick neck that have made the SG legendary, but without all the non-essentials. The ultra-affordable price tag on this guitar is owed to fewer coats of finish than can be found on the traditional SG Standard and SG Product Description
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Price: $699.00
Rating: 4.5 (3 reviews)

Gibson SG Special Electric Guitar,Worn Cherry Satin


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Anonymous May 5, 2010 at 5:56 pm

i bought this guitar back in january this year and i still play it every day the neck plays fast with medium action and it has great soundind pickups the guitar looks great but it gets small dents and scratches super easily beacause of the really soft mohogany body. but thats great if you want your guitar to eventually look like a truly loved and played instument not just a looker P.S.. if your cry over scratches this is not your guitar

Rating: 4 / 5

KimJongSick May 5, 2010 at 8:04 pm

Exactly one month TO THE DAY after I bought this SG, the headstock fractured like it’d been hit with a sledgehammer. I cried like the day I was born. Upon emailing Gibson’s customer support department, I found out that if you have purchased your Gibson product from the U.S. via an authorized dealer, there is a lifetime repair/replacement warranty on all Gibson items.

I also did some research and discovered that Gibson headstocks break with little to no encouragement. They’re just poorly designed, because they’re set at a 17-degree downward angle, which isn’t helpful to the woodgrain, thus greatly weakening the headstock. They’re usually a very easy fix, and they break very cleanly. After first repairs, people usually never have another problem.

Despite the inherent flaw in the headstock, it’s a brilliant guitar, even if you have to baby it more than you’d ever have to baby a Fender or Squier instrument. You can use the tapping method a lot easier than any Fender (shorter scale length of 24.75″) and the two volume+two tone controls plus 3-way toggle switch make for incredible versatility. Jangle pop, rock, metal, country rhythm, blues, jazz, and swing are all possible with this guitar.

A major playability merit that sticks out to me is the fact that no matter whether you’re playing rhythm or lead, this guitar WILL accomodate you. The neck and the razor-thin action are perfect for chording, soloing, tapping… whatever you can think up, this guitar will let you put it through the numbers (assuming you’re half as good as this guitar is, heh).
Rating: 4 / 5

JT May 5, 2010 at 8:33 pm

I bought this gem of mine in a guitar store, it was floor model and smelled (it still does)a bit like cheap varnish. But it plays great.

The 490 neck and bridge pickups are incredibly powerful and pick up every nuance of your performance. If you’re into Van Halen style tapping or just like to hammer-on one handed like Angus Young, this is the guitar for you. This guitar’s incredible action will give you incredible speed to which to do it. A big plus is that the pickups will overdrive even a small battery powered amp without deafening the neighbors, which is good if you have to keep it down.

The body is super thin and it’s a bit neck heavy, but it’s lighter compared to the Epiphone SG with just as much punch. With the Volume/Tone controls of the guitar set to full-blast, it has a heavy metal crunch like no other. It sounds darker than the Epiphone Vintage G-400, and the neck joint isn’t as prominent as on the Epiphone which makes hitting the high end that much easier.

With Medium strings and a Extra Heavy celluloid pick (or plectrum if you’re techincal about it), it makes a great rock and roll guitar.

Paired with a Solid State amp, it’s a great heavy metal guitar as the pickups are quite powerful. I like to plug my guitar directly into the amp with it’s distortion up and the pickups do crunch so well I don’t need a distortion pedal. Though I do like to throw one in on occasion just for fun.

With a Valve (tube) amp, it packs just as much punch even plugged straight into the amp.

As far as effects go, a Wah-Wah pedal is good if you want to play “Star-Spangled Banner” like Jimi Hendrix, it will blow your mind. On a clean setting you can get a jazzy, blues type motif going as the pickups clean up quite well on a cleaner setting. You still get the razor sharp action like you would with distortion, but with the advantage of clear vibrant notes.

The only downside is that it bangs up quite easily, hence if you plan on jumping around the room, be sure it’s not too cluttered. Also, the finish is quite fragile as I discovered when I moved the case off my bed. I forgot to zip down the lid and the poor guitar jumped out and hit my dresser. It landed on the bottom strap button and left a small but clean crack in the varnish on the back, since my floor is tile and concrete. It could have been worse, but it still plays like the day I walked out the store with it, so it’s not too much if you have to baby more than others.

In all it’s a great guitar and with a little TLC, it can last you a lifetime. 🙂
Rating: 5 / 5

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