Lauren 30” Steel String Acoustic Guitar Package – Metallic Black –

by Guitar Reviewer

  • 1/2 Size Model, Steel Strings
  • Strap Button, Gig Bag
  • Pitch Pipe & Picks

Product Description
These 1/2 size acoustic guitars provide the young students an easy-to-hold instrument. Package includes: 30” Lauren student guitar, steel strings, strap button, guitar bag, pitch pipe and picks. Also available in Metallic Red, Metallic Blue and Metallic Silver… More >>

Price: $34.95
Rating: 3.5 (5 reviews)

Lauren 30” Steel String Acoustic Guitar Package – Metallic Black –


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Brian O February 12, 2010 at 8:15 pm

I bought this guitar for my 8 year old daughter for Christmas so she could have her own instrument to learn to play her favorite Taylor Swift songs. I have been playing bass guitar for over 20 years and had a few full size guitars lying around that were just a little too big for her to handle.

Out of the package, the guitar seemed OK, but one of the strings was bent / kinked right between the hole and the bridge.

I bought new D’Addario light strings and started setting up the guitar…I was extemely dismayed that I had a real hard time keeping the guitar in tune for more than a few strums.

I was even more dismayed to find out that I had the top 2 strings (E & A) tuned by hitting the E-5th fret and open A simultaneously, but was way out of tune (~1/4 to 1/2 step) when I played the E octave on the A string (7th fret). I had the same problem on all strings.

Bottom line – this would be fine if you just need an instrument for decoration, but I would not suggest as a learning guitar.

Why would you subject your child to the frustration of learning to play on an instrument that does not play or stay in tune?

They will have enough of a challenge learning the basics, building their skills, and staying motivated and focused long enough to make progress.

I am now looking at instruments at the local music stores to try to recover the Christmas joy of her getting a guitar to fulfill her musical dreams.
Rating: 2 / 5

Utah Father February 12, 2010 at 8:52 pm

Guitar is just as expected for the price – not gonna win any awards with it, but just the right size for my 9 year old girl. The steel strings hurt her fingers, thinking I should have gotten a nylon string guitar for her to learn on (of course this has nothing to do with the guitar).

I would buy this again.
Rating: 4 / 5

R. Hartung III February 12, 2010 at 11:15 pm

I ordered the “Lauren” 30 inch Guitar Package as a joke gift for my girlfriend, who shares the name of the manufacturer. For twenty some odd dollars I certainly wasn’t expecting anything remotely close to sub-par, at least as far as guitars are concerned. But what came in the mail really wasn’t too bad.

The tuners are cheap but they hold tune, mostly, unless you bend too far. The body, as well as the head and neck, feel like pine, which is fine because I wasn’t expecting koa or something nice. The paint job isn’t too bad, except for the few nicks I found, which were easily covered with black sharpie. All of the physical attributes really don’t mean a thing if it doesn’t sound good, and well… I’m laughing… It’s really not that bad! The “Lauren” has a tinny sound, which is to be expected from a small guitar with a smaller resonator. I’d never record anything serious with it but for a “beat around” travel-sized guitar I’m not that concerned.

The less than sturdy bag that comes with this tiny guitar is okay with the exception of a few small holes. Really though, this bag is nothing more than a glorified purse made with inferior materials for a guitar of similar construction. The overall assembly of the gig bag, not that you’d ever take this to a gig unless you wanted to break it or sound like you were playing out of a piezoelectric speaker, is mostly poor but I’ll go with okay just because it looks alright.

The rest of the package comes with a few picks with the “Lauren” logo printed on them and a pitch pipe tuner which I refuse to put my mouth on, just on principle.

Overall, I was expecting a turd. What I found was a polished turd so, if you’re like me and just want to buy one for a gag, then by all means, this is the way to do it, just don’t expect much.

Rating: 3 / 5

rachel_mass February 12, 2010 at 11:46 pm

I ordered this guitar last week and got it today. I have not tested out the tuning equipment yet. I got the gig bag, tuner, and three picks. Everything as advertised. The guitar is in black and I noticed no nicks or cracks to it. When playing it, it holds a tune very well. The sound is very rich and is quite nice to listen to. I believe this was a very good investment for the money. It is a smaller guitar so it’s better for younger people or people who don’t want to start learning on a full size (they can be quite cumbersome). Certain to bring much enjoyment for younger children.
Rating: 5 / 5

K.G. February 13, 2010 at 12:26 am

the lauren guitars are knowed to be really good, and that’s why i bought this one. i thought i was getting a good deal online, since my local store had a lauren guitar (a solid, natural color one) for the same price, but it didnt come with a gig bag. Well, when i got it, it wasnt wraped or boxed well at all.. no pading or anything! i took a peek to makesure nothing was damaged, and it loked o.k. so i left it in the box till xmas (for about three weeks). well, apperently it was damaged! the inside of the bridge (forgot what its called) was damaged, and my local music shop said it would cost more to fix, than to buy a new one! that just pist me off! i didnt know i was supposed to fill out a warrenty card with in a few days of purchase, either.. so now its not covered under warrenty! everytime it plays, it has a bussing sound comeing from the G string, thanks to the part that’s broken! i recomend buying it at a local music shop, and not risk the poor shipping! plus, if u buy it at a music shop, they usually warenty their merchandise!

good luck!
Rating: 3 / 5

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